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Mass Times

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Sunday Mass 11.30am

Weekday Masses:
Tuesday & Thursday 8.30am, Saturday 9am

Confessions: after Saturday Mass

Regular Devotions:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8.10 am (before 8:30 am mass)
Eucharistic adoration:
Saturday 8.30 (before 9am mass)

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Vigil Mass (Saturday Evening) 6pm

Sunday Mass 10am

Weekday Masses:
Monday & Wednesday 6.30pm
Friday School Mass 9.30am (parishioners welcome)

Confessions: Saturday 5.15-5.45pm, Sunday 9:15-9:45am

Regular Devotions:
Monday & Wednesday 6.10pm (before 6.30pm mass)
Friday 9.10am (before 9.30am mass)
Eucharistic Adoration:
Wednesday 6pm (before 6.30pm mass)
Friday 12-3pm