“All components of the Catholic Church in Scotland, especially those in positions of leadership and responsibility, value the lives, wholeness, safety and well-being of each individual person within God’s purpose for everyone. We seek to uphold the highest safeguarding standards in our relationships with people of all ages who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisations. And therefore, as a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us – ordained, professed, employed and voluntary members – to work together to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse or harm.”

Our Commitment to Safeguarding,
Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, March 2018

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IN GOD’S IMAGE is an ‘Instruction’ from the Bishops of Scotland which directs the approach to Safeguarding which must be followed in every Catholic Diocese in Scotland, with effect from 21st May 2018. Click the image below or download here:

Our National Safeguarding Prayer

Lord Jesus we praise you
for calling us to the service of others.
We pray for a generosity of spirit
to ensure the vulnerable are protected.

We pray for a compassionate heart
so that we will reach out
to those who are wounded by abuse.

We pray for courage and determination
as we seek the safety of everyone
in our parish communities.

We dedicate ourselves
to this work of service and pray
that you will help us to do your will
at all times and in all places.